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Principal Agile Coach @ NICE

We hired Eran's training and coaching services in order to empower our development teams with the skills and practices of agile software development. With the crucial help of Eran, we were able to build and execute a successful Train the Trainer program composed of a series of courses and coaching sessions of TDD, OOD, BDD, Clean Code, Refactoring, and more, all performed by Eran with outstanding success.
Eran combines unique training skills with remarkable knowledge and hands-on experience. His ability to suggest & implement solutions for the real-world challenges of our development teams was invaluable.
Without any doubt, Eran is the most valuable expert I've ever hired!!!

Eran was hired by AT&T in 2012 as part of the company’s effort to develop higher quality products by using agile development practices. 
From the first days of his work, it was recognized that Eran is a one of a kind consultant combining years of experience and knowledge with excellent consulting and lecturing skills. 
Eran was able to conduct a series of introductory engineering practices seminars followed by advanced courses on Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring and Design Patterns matching the unique needs of all the different R&D teams in AT&T. 
In the last 3 years, Eran was consulting the development teams on a daily basis showing them how to implement advanced engineering practices on real everyday work. The feedback from the teams was always excellent and work hours with Eran became a necessity with high demand. 
I have never seen such a versatile consultant with the ability to successfully consult different development teams and different technologies.

Director of Software Development
@ Conduit

I have the pleasure of knowing Eran for over a decade. Eran is an excellent instructor. For over a decade I have been a student at his courses 4 times. First time as a SW engineer and 3 times as SW group manager accompanying my group. Each time the entire class was fascinated by Eran’s knowledge and the way Eran taught the course materials. During the course demonstration, I have witness Eran’s hands-on skills. I have no doubt Eran can contribute to any organization not just by mentoring but also by consulting, coding and participating and any development activity. I will not hesitate to recommend Eran and definitely will use his services in the future.


Eran was the heart and brain behind our journey into Agile, with a combination of personal mentoring, Agile spirit coaching and Organization methods understanding.
Eran knows how to analyze the teams' needs, address them in the right way and suggest the right ideas.
Eran helped us change the development methodologies and taught us how to manage the team better. We now have agile teams that produce more and better products faster than before.
We have refactored our development department. We couldn't do it without Eran.

Chief Architect, Defense Industry @ IBM Global Services, Israel.

Eran is an excellent instructor and mentor for Agile Software Development, TDD, OOD, etc. He has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the subjects he teaches, i.e., he knows how to do the things he talks about.

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